Passionate about design since I was little, and counting.

A little bit of my why.

Well, hi there.

As a kid, drawing wasn't just a pastime—it was my passion. I remember being that curious little guy, doodling away and daydreaming about the world around me. My earliest memories are of doodling on paper, letting my imagination run wild. I was a curious child, always dissecting how things functioned and pondering how they could be enhanced. One vivid memory from when I was eight involves the headlights and taillights of my parent's classic 1970 Impala. To me, those lights weren't just parts of a car; they symbolized potential. I believed that refining just those two aspects could transform the whole feeling of the vehicle.

From those humble beginnings to now, it's been one incredible ride. Nestled in the heart of North Idaho's beauty, I've found my calling as the Lead Product Designer at Angel Studios. It's more than just a job; it's a place where I get to share my passion, work with a fantastic team, and together, make products that people love. We're all about connecting with users, understanding their needs, and adding that special touch. It's not just about design; it's about building a community, growing together, and yes, always aiming for those 'headlights' moments that can transform everything.

Finding my Passion

My design journey has deep roots in the tech world. I started off exploring the technological landscapes of giants like IBM, Microsoft, and Xbox. But by 2006, a new passion was calling: I plunged headfirst into the world of design. As I delved deeper, I stumbled upon the fascinating realm of User Experience Design, and it was a game-changer. The more I immersed myself, the more I realized this was where I truly belonged. Now, with the wisdom of those tech giants and the passion for design, I lead by example, collaborating with a stellar team as we break new ground in the entertainment industry.

As tech keeps advancing, I'm eager to dive into areas like Voice User Interfaces, Machine Learning, spatial design, and Augmented Reality. I'm excited to see how design can take the lead in shaping the next wave of innovations.

A Few of my Skills

UX Design
Product Design
Interface Design
Interaction Design
Augmented Reality
Rapid Prototyping
Mind Mapping
Brand Development
Web Design

My Experience

Angel Studios

Lead Product Designer
2022 - present


Founder & Sr. UX Designer
2019 - 2023

Continuous Composites

Sr. Visual Designer
2017 - 2021

Crooz Media

Sr. Visual Designer
2013 - present


UX Designer
2016 - 2017

Aspen Homes

Marketing & Design
2013 - 2015


Operations & Design
2007 - 2013

Microsoft / Xbox

Product Support Services
2002 - 2006

ADDY Awards

Continuous Composites

Silver B2B Website


Silver Logo Design

South Shore Seven

Silver Logo Design (Regional & District)

LASIK Vision Institute

Silver Email Marketing Campaign - You Being You

Metalcraft Mechanical

Silver Logo Design  |  Elements of Advertising

Aspen Homes

Gold Logo Design  |  Elements of Advertising

Velvet Vitality

Silver Brand Development | Elements of Advertising

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